Keep Away Spell


This is a spell to keep someone away from your significant other. Use with care.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A little bowl, jar, or a container with raised edges
A larger container which the first one can fit into
a picture of your significant other
Nails or any objects that are sharp
A taglock
The name of the person you want to keep away
The title of your significant other

Casting Directions for ‘Keep Away Spell’

Place the smaller container inside of the larger container.
Place the picture of your significant other inside the smaller container.
As you place the picture, imagine your relationship with this individual. Imagine your connection as being strong.
Now, place the claws (or sharp objects) inside the smaller container, in addition to the image of your significant other. These nails are used for their protective properties. Envision the nails acting as a protective barrier around your significant other, keeping away anything you dont want near them.
Put the taglock from the larger container, outside of the smaller container. There’s a physical barrier between the person you need to stay away and your significant other.
Pour water into the larger container, covering the taglock. Do not place the water in the container with the image of your significant other.
Say this chant when visualizing the goal you want to achieve (the person staying away from the significant other). Fill in the blanks with the correct titles, and use the correct pronouns:
[name of person you want to keep away] will remain away, and he/she/they wont come near [significant others name]. If he/she/they tries, First, he/she/they will drown in his/her/their own guilt. Second, he/she/they will fight to communicate with [significant others name], And third, he/she/they will be plagued with pain unending. If [name of person you want to stay away] knows what is best for him/her/them, then he/she/they will stay away. As I will it, since I understand it, So be it. Say this chant with conviction and visualize what it states. Don’t hesitate to repeat it as needed. * A taglock is something that represents a person and their energy. It can be a photo, hair, nail clipping, the title of the person written out, a sigil of the persons name, or anything like that. *DISCLAIMER* Controlling the people your significant other can see or interact with can quickly turn into abusive behavior. Be confident in your reasoning for doing this spell. Consider whether or not your actions could be abusive.

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