Fire of Renewal


This is one of my personal practices, which I use to cleanse myself of this negative, and open the doors to positive, healing, light.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Non-spell candles(For mild)
Black candle
A jar in which to put the candle
A carving tool(Pins work as well)
Matches (NOT a milder)
Dragon’s Blood incense(and Holder)
Ambient Music (optional)
Wand or Athame (Optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Fire of Renewal’

Before beginning this sort of ritual, you should really prepare yourself emotionally, because, although it feels good to get rid of the bad things, it may sometimes be tough to do so. And bear in mind, if you start, but find yourself not able to release your pain, please do not feel bad, it probably just is not time yet, and that is ok. You should wait until you’re ready.

1. Light the non-spell candles, and set them where they won’t catch anything on fire, or be knocked over.
2. Turn off the lights
3. Strike a match and light the incense.
4. Take the black candle, and hold it with both hands, letting all your negative thoughts, negative emotions, and pain seep into the wax.
5. Take your carving tool, and split inspirational words, in the candle. (I use words like, Forgiveness, Release, Light, etc..)
6. Set the candle in the jar.
7. Have a game in your power hand, and fill your head with positive ideas, start to loosen your grip on the negative things in your life. When you’re ready to give up these things, strike the match, and light the candle.
8. Take the incense, and do a smudging of yourself. When you finish, put it back in it’s holder, and let it burn itself out.
9. As the candle burns, and the wax starts to drip down the sides, imagine that all of your problems are melting away, like the wax.
10. Allow the candle continue you to burn until you feel it is time to extinguish it. It is ok if the candle isn’t completely burned.
11. Blow out the non-spell candles, and turn on the lights.
12. Take the candle, still in the jar, and put it away, preferably in a place where it will not be disturbed.

Sometimes, even though we let go of our allies, they has a horrible habit of reappearing when we least expect it. If this occurs, repeat this ritual with the identical candle, (Unless you burned it, in which case a new one could be needed).

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