Doorway into another World


A spell to bring you into a different world. I haven’t yet tested it myself but I hope to soon and will update after.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A key String or a series Paper(optional) Pen(optional) Amethyst(optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Doorway into another World’

Step 1: Attach the key to a piece of string or a string and tie it around your neck.
Step 2: Imagine whatever world you want to visit, it could vary from a TV show to an anime or book or land of any magickal creatures.
Step 3: Keep visualizing and stand in front of the door to your room(with you inside if your room), put your hand on the door knob, and say the words;

Away I go and out of sight,
I will be gone until I deem the time is correct,
Forgotten from memories until I’m back,
While Im gone in a new world as my presence lacks,
Time will pass as is,
Lives will go on just like this,
Through this door is exactly what I see,
This is my will, so mote it be.

Step 4: Close your eyes and open the door. Once you’ve walked through the door open your eyes and you should be in whatever world.
Step 5: To return take off your necklace and hold it at the end, turning it off while saying the words;

My time is up, it is time to go,
Back to the place I know,
Home is where I wish to be,
This is my will, so mote it be.

Close your eyes when you start saying the last line.
When you open your eyes you may appear in the open door and you are free to go.
-Time passes just like it would normally, i.e. you leave for 30 minutes and when you come back 30 minutes have passed.
-You may want to write down the chant to get back because youre screwed if you forget. (This is what the paper and pencil are for.)
-Whatever is in your pockets or in your hand and everything that you’re wearing will come with you though it is suggested that you do not bring a good deal of things or some other living things. This is the same for whatever you may get in another world.
-Referring above, any injuries or sicknesses will stay with you too, i.e. you skin your knee while youre there once you come back youll still have a skinned knee.
-Although I said that you should keep away from bringing other living things with you if you do the spell with a friend(they have a key necklace and chant with you) there will be any negative side effects and it should work just fine.
-Vizualizing is important but placing power and will into your words is just as important, try and keep both equal when going to another world
-While you are gone nobody will go searching for you, just like it says in the chant to get there.
-Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, blurry vision, nausea, dehydration(not deathly), weakness, difficulty speaking, and tiredness when arriving there and coming back though they wear off withing minutes.
-Also, be careful in whatever world, especially if theres a high likelihood of death. If you die there you die in real life. And, if the world you’re going to is say a book, it’s not smart to break the fourth wall.
-To assist with traveling possess a piece of amethyst in your pocket or wear any jewlery with amethyst on it. This is optional though since not everybody has amethyst.

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  1. so, whatever happens to us in the other world happens to us in the real world? I’m curious about this because if I gain any powers in the other world, I want them to be active in the real world. Am i going crazy or… is that a true thing?


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