Permanent Body Swap


This spell will cause you to switch bodies with someone PERMANENTLY. You will loose all your memories, abilities, and knowledge and gain the other persons (and vice versa).

You will need the following items for this spell:

Name of the person you want to switch with Picture of that person

Casting Directions for ‘Permanent Body Swap’

Focus very hard on the person you want to swap bodies with.
Then say this once out loud and then once in your head.

“Gods and Goddesses, please help me,
I’d love to swap my body.
Not just any Individual though,
So please don’t make the transition slow.
(name of individual) is the body I want to swap,
When we change, it may sound like a little “pop”.
Make Sure it’s done correctly,
And try to not cause some fright,
By swapping when we expect it.
It may even hurt a little bit.
However, I don’t care, I just want to change,
Despite the fact that, I know it also may itch.
Their abilities, memories, and knowledge that I would also enjoy,
So I will see what they dislike.
I’d like if they got mine, too,
So they could see what I find accurate.
Afterwards our own will loose,
So our skills and memories are now unknown.
We will each have each other’s mind alone.
We won’t be aware of the swap,
That means we won’t be able to stop.
This switch is isn’t temporary,
I know what this means and to me it’s not scary.
This means we will be swapped forever,
But don’t make the transformation only happen whenever.
Please have it done instantly,
And make sure that the switch is done efficiently.
Make sure I go where they were,
If it’s far, it’ll look like a blur.
So please help me swap my body,
With this special someone.
Your permission is the secret.
Please grant my wish, so mote it be.”

After you say this, continue concentrating very hard on the person you want to swap bodies with. Close your eyes and slowly imagine entering their body with their head and them entering your body with your mind. Open your eyes. It might be tough to tell if you swapped since you’ll essentially BE another person, If it did not work, you will remember doing the spell. Don’t be concerned if it doesn’t work straight away. Sometimes it takes a little longer. Have fun and all the best! :-RRB-

Side effects:
Getting dizzy
Feeling weak

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