Healing the Body


This spell works on a simple principle, that of identifying within the body if the pain it’s suffering is physical, psychological or, as is frequently the case, has a more deep-rooted religious component. It uses visualization and color as its vehicles and calls on Raphael the Archangel of Healing for help.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Piece of paper
Yellow Red and purple felt tip pens
Black marker pen

Casting Instructions for ‘Healing the Body’

Draw three circles. The inner one should be purple, the middle yellow and the outer reddish. Add a circle for the head and lines to the legs, which means you’ve drawn a representation of yourself.

Now, considering any health issues you have, with the black mark put a small mark on the attracted body to represent that pain. Keep your pen in contact with the paper and ask Raphael for support. You might say: Raphael, Raphael, Angel of simplicity. Help me to understand this pain

You should discover that your mark is closer to one circle than another. Remembering that this method is not a self-diagnostic tool whatsoever it is simply designed to help you to come to terms with the pain or difficulty note which colour this is:

Red represents pain which is purely physical
Yellow usually suggests an emotional cause
Purple tends to have a more spiritual foundation
Sit quietly and draw that colour into yourself as though you were marking within your body where the pain is. Next mentally flood that part of your body with white light. For the next two days sit quietly and make the invocation into Raphael again.

Repeat the drawing from colour and the flooding with white light. At the end of that time you should start tohave an understanding of the causes of your pain and how your body is responding to trauma.

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