Remote Healing


This isn’t a spell, but a technique. Anyone can do this, and it is effective.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your Hands
Your Energy
Divine Light
Heart Chakra
Crown Chakra

Casting Instructions for ‘Remote Recovery’

This spell, technique, allows anyone to cure someones psychical body, or psychological mentality. The choice is all up to you.

First thing always ground yourself, and protect yourself.

Sit, or ly, quietly in a comfortable place. Choose a location where you won’t be interrupted.

Grounding yourself: I like to vision a root of a tree growing beneath my feet and lowering itself deep into the ground and linking within the earths core. Now you have the ability to use the earth energy below you. As soon as you feel you’re connected then you can shield yourself.

Shielding yourself: Imagine a white light coming from the moon and surrounding you like a bubble. Be certain you really envision it. Make it hollow. The bubble can be any colour, but I use white for the light of the higher power.

Now it’s time to do the technique,

1. You ought to be sitting, or lying down. Now, you should concentrate on your breathing. Listen and feel each inhale, and exhale.

2. As you breath envision white energy arising from the floor and entering the bottom of your feet. Imagine the energy flowing throughout your body. You need to feel a tingling sensation.

3. Now imagine white light from the moon linking to your crown chakra. Once you see that you are on the moon, its time to begin.

4. Take your right hand and write the title of the person you would like to heal on you left hand. Use your first finger on your right hand to write. Carefully draw each letter separately. As you right the letters, envision the person face. Feel connected to them. Envision them free of pain, or insanity. Imagine them happy.

5. After you write the persons name cuff your hands 2 inches apart from one another.

6. State to yourself your intentions with this individual. As you repeat your intention, I would like you to blow into the center of your cuffed hands. As you blow keep stating mentally your intentions. It is important.

7. After you blow enough energy, which you will know, bring your hands directly in front of your heart. Imagine green light coming from your heart and penetrating between your palms. This is healing energy. Keep saying your intentions, and the persons name.

8. After you get enough healing energy, hold your hands in front of you and state aloud,

“With this healing energy from deep inside my heart I want to heal ______________ of any (psychical pain).”
(or psychological drainage, anxiety, fear, worries, depression, etc.)

After you’re finished programming the energy release it in the air and state aloud.

“Go now, energy, and do as I say. Find the one I speak of and fulfill ___________ with the love and divine light I possess.”

Continue to sit, or keep lying down. Feel your vibrations and imagine the white energy going into the individual who you wish to heal. Imagine the energy wrapping around their body, and healing them.

During the day remember to keep focusing on your intentions, and the energy surrounding that persons body. The stronger your trust in the energy, the more effective it will be.

Cancer Technique:
This technique enabled me to cure my buddy from cancer. It really does work. I just envisioned white light entering the person body and turning into white knights that flowed through his body killed all the cancer cells, and damaged tissue. It helped his pain, and stunned his doctors with each check up.

Good Luck! 😀

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