Moon Wishes


This spell uses candles and meditation. It can be done at both New and Full Moon, and uses the Moon’s energy. By meditating before you sleep you’re opening yourself up to allowing the influences from your Higher Self — the part that knows what is perfect for you — to come through.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Five white candles
A colored candle of your choice (possibly
Representing the wish or perhaps in the colour of
your astrological sign)

Casting Instructions for ‘Moon Wishes’

Clear your mind of clutter or meditate for a short time to be sure that you have clarified your fantasies. Place the white candles in the shape of a pentagram where they can burn. Alternatively, if you prefer, light them according to the connecting lines of the pentagram again beginning at the top.

As you do so say: Moon above which glows so bright Guard my sleep so profound tonight I pray to you with this request My life works out in my behest.

Allow the candles to burn before composing yourself and putting out them. The next morning light another candle and meditate or contemplate your wishes for another thirty minutes. Spend some time visualizing what life will be -like if your wishes are granted. Repeat this process for another -three nights.

Finally, on the fourth morning, relight all of -the candles and let them burn out while-you play some rousing music that means something to you. In the last hour while the candles are still burning reconsider your fantasies and make any adjustments to them which seem realistic.

This spell does take a while to complete and also-requires that you spend a reasonable period of time in-contemplation. This does mean however that you-can be realistic in your expectations and there-should be few blocks to achieving what you want.There is little need to be frivolous.

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