Sanctifying of the Moon


There’s a ceremony or ritual that belongs to the heritage and which honours the New Moon in a way that is very particular.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your voice

Casting Directions for ‘Sanctifying of the Moon’

After the third day of the New Moon every Jew should, either alone or along with their entire tribe, salute the Moon. They should go to a place where they can see the Moon and from there look up at the Moon.
The words are:
Blessed art thou. O Lord our God, King of the World, Who with his Words created the heavens and with the breath of his Mouth the heavenly Hosts: A Statute and a Time he gave unto them, that they shouldn’t vary from their Orders, They were glad and they rejoiced to obey the Will of the Maker, The Maker is true and his Works are true: And unto the Moon, he said that she shall monthly renew her crown and her Beauty toward the Fruit of the Womb For they hereafter shall be renewed unto her, To decorate unto their Creator for the Glory of his Title and of his Kingdom Blessed art thou, O Lord, the Renewer of the Months. Say three times: Blessed is thy Former is thy Maker, blessed is thy Purchaser.

Rise up onto the toes and say three times I cannot reach to touch thee and jump towards thee, so shall none of mine enemies be able to touch me. Say three times:

Dread and fear shall fall upon them, By the Greatness of thine arm they shall be as still as a stone. By thy Arms Greatness they will be still as a stone; fear and Dread on them shall fall.

Then after words must be said three times

Peace unto ye David, King of Israel liveth and subsisteth.

This acknowledgement of the Moons validity was an important part of Jewish thought. They’re still potent, although the words aren’t a spell in the true sense of the term.

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