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Smoky quartz is known as the ‘Dream Stone’. It can help you to explore your inner self by penetrating the areas with love and light, and is an tool for meditation. Because of this, it is effective in releasing negativities like grief, anger and despair by eliminating depression. It’s mildly sedative and relaxing and a great balancer of sexual energy. The cairngorm stone beloved of the Scots, which we’ve seen in the section on the Evil Eye, is a form of smoky quartz.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Piece of smoky quartz
Piece of paper
Your bed

Casting Directions for ‘Sleep Well’

When you have prepared your sleeping environment, sit quietly holding the smoky-quartz and bring to mind any old hurts, anger,depression and difficulties you may have. Don’t be afraid that doing this will bring on depression, because with this technique you-are planning to rid yourself of the melancholy these things bring.

Put aside the quartz for the moment and write down on the paper all that you have considered and thought about. Now pass the quartz three times over the bed to consume any negativity. You might use the sign of infinity from top to bottom.

Wrap the paper round the quartz and place it under your pillow with the intent it will enable you to overcome your pain and hurt. Go to sleep, and in the morning, remove the newspaper and eliminate it by tearing it up and flushing it away or burning it.

If you want you can repeat the procedure for the next two nights, at which time you should find you feel much relieved. Finally cleanse the stone under running water and keep until you need it again or dispose of-it

Another use for smoky quartz is to reflect an-intrusive energy back to the individual concerned. If you are getting unwanted attention from someone,put a piece of smoky quartz or cairngorm in your-window and know you could sleep protected.

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