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This spell uses the very old method of representing a person as a poppet or little doll. It’s similar to To Know the Child Within except that the poppet represents another individual. Do not forget that healing takes place in the manner in which the recipient needs, not always in the way we think it should happen.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Blue candle

Casting Instructions for ‘Healing Picture’

Create your poppet to represent the person you wish -to help already completely healed and whole. Take the doll into your sacred space. Light the blue candle (to represent healing). Sprinkle your poppet with the salt water and say:

This figure I hold made by my artwork Here signifies [name individual] , By my art made, by my art changed, Now may he/she be treated, By art divine.

Pass the poppet through the fire of -the candle and visualize the individual being-cleansed of their problem. Hold the poppet in both hands, breathe gently-on it and picture first the poppet and then the individual being filled with Divine healing energy. Pay particular attention to the regions in the -physical body of your friend with which you know they are having difficulty.

Imbue the poppet with the idea of being healed from a psychological perspective. Think of religious energy infusing the doll, and therefore your friend, with the spiritual help they need. Visualize the person concerned being completely full of white light, well, happy and filled with energy. Maintain the poppet in your sacred space until it is no longer needed.

At this time, enter your sacred space, take the-poppet, sprinkle it with water and say:

By Divine art shifted, By my artwork made, Free this poppet from the connection with [title] . Let it now be unmade.

If the poppet comprises direct links with the person such as hair – burn it in an open flame. If-it doesn’t, eliminate it in any way you desire. In case you’ve used a crystal at any stage in this-spell, this should be cleansed by holding it-under running water and possibly then given-to the individual as a keepsake or for protection.

We are not only asking for alleviation of the-symptoms, we are asking for assistance from a holistic-perspective. You do have a responsibility if you are-working on someone elses behalf to do nothing-which will make things worse for them, therefore-think very seriously about using this method.

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