Healing an Injury


This spell helps yours or another persons injury.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pentagram(one that points upward)
A doll that is blank. One with no characteristics in any way.
2 Candles(preferably white)
Something to symbol Earth
Something to symbol Air
Something to symbol Fire
Something to symbol Water
A picture or thing belonging.
This healing was required for by any sort of recovery hurb with the atributes that were magic.

Casting Instructions for ‘Fixing an Injury’

First, set up you area.

Put the pentagram in the middle of the table. Then place the two candles behind it. Next, place the symbol for Earth in the northern direction, the emblem of Air in the Eastern direction, the symbol for Fire in the Southern direction and the symbol for water from the Western direction. Now once this is fineshed, put the doll in the centre of the pentagram and set the item of the person this charm is directed to on the ring. Now as you light the candle on the left, Phone for the Great Goddess. Use the words that come to your heart to call for her. When lighting the candle on the right, call for the Great Lord. Use the words from your heart as well. Now this is when you put the healing hurb on the space in which you want to be treated and say these words three times.

“Broken flesh and even pain, I call upon the Lord again. Heal this wound and heal it nicely, so that the may no longer reside. I call upon the Lady again to help heal her children, her ken.”

Once this is done, put the doll, along with the herb and the item still atached, away untill progress is shown in the persons health. Blow out the candles and say goodbye Be. And there you have it.

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