Color Healing


How to cure diseases and illnesses using just colours! Great for beginners!

You may need the following items for this spell:

Something with the colour you need
Sunlight or a lamp/light
Yourself or the person you want to heal
Water (optional
Bottle (optional)
Paper (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Color Healing’

Its pretty simple to do color recovery, and magick is rarely involved so its quite good for beginners! You can heal people by just a particular color, or help them heal. It can even help with chakras and meditation. Step 1: If youd like to do Colored Water Healing then get your water and anything with your color, preferably plastic or paper. Wrap your paper around the bottle and then tape it, or if you have plastic put it infront of your bottle of water. Place your bottle on a windowsill or somewhere where theres sun, you may also put it under a lamp or any other light source. Leave for up to 8 hours, drink it when you need it. Step 2: If you want to perform Color Healing then get somebody you need to cure , or yourself and sit them down. You could also use sunlight or a lamp for this, any is perfectly fine but rather sunlight. Put your plastic/paper or whatever object over your window or lamp so that the light is coloured. Lets say that the individual has bowel problems, you must shine it on the affected area. Colors: Red: Red is a warming and effective color. It reduces blood diseases, and especially great for anemia and liver issues. Orange: Orange has much the same properties as Red. Orange is great for the respiratory system, including diseases like pneumonia and asthma. It is a tonic and laxative. Yellow: Yellow works wonders for gut problems, intenstines and the gut. Its a mild sedative, can lift ones mood and believe it or not helps to decrease any fears or insecurities, colour healing isn’t only for physical healing. Espegreat for nausea, indigestion, constipation or female problems. Green: Green is the best healing color by far. If you are in doubt with what colour to use, use green. Green works for anything. Especially effective with headaches, heart problems, ulcers, colds, mental issues and boils. Blue: Blue is a relaxing and cooling color, great antiseptic. It is great for any inflammation internally or externally. Great for cuts, scratches, bruises and rheumatism. Indigo: A little narcotic. It eliminates fears and tells the brain that everythings fine. Great for men and women that are scared of the dark. And good for emotional disorders like anorexia, anxiety. Great for ears and eyes, cataracts. Use this to open the third eye also for better meditation. Violet: Is great for psychological disorders and the nervous system. Excellent for baldness and other female problems. White: Calming and pure, white is like another green and works for almost everything. Especially for mental difficulties, psychological problems, depression, cleansing mind and chakras. When you color heal make sure to do it for thirty minutes or more, make sure to have good energy and are in an excellent state of mind. Please feel free to light candles or incense to relax yourself/others. Do this 2 times a day or longer, the more you do it the better you will become and the faster and more successful the recovery.

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