“Cut It Out, Cut Them Off”


This spell is to assist you sever any ties that you no longer want in your life. It may also be used to help in eliminating any unwanted habits or intrusive thoughts.

It requires easy supplies, things you could find at the dollar store, so it is not tough to perform in that sense… but it does ask you to draw and reflect on negative things in your life. If there are some things you simply can’t face or think about in regards to anything you wish to be free of, this spell might not be the right for you.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A length of ribbon, preferably white, long enough to wrap around an ankle or wrist
A thin tipped marker, pencil, or Sharpie, preferably in black
A pair of scissors
A fire-proof container and matches (optional)

Casting Directions for “‘Cut It Out, Cut Them Off”‘

Gather your supplies. Prep for spellwork in the way you normally do (cleansing your area, cast a circle, invoke any deities / spirits, light candles or incense, play mood-setting music, etc.).

On your ribbon, write the title of the person you want to cut off, or the habit / idea you want to remove. When you are done, hold the ribbon in your hands, and think of what you wrote, how it makes you feel, all of the negativity it attracts into your life. It may be painful, but pull up as much as you can – bring every last bit to the surface if possible. Take as much time as you will need to do so.

As soon as you have brought forward everything you can / can consider, push everything into the ribbon and the words you wrote upon it every last thought and feeling you have about what you’re trying to rid yourself of. The aim is to get all the negativity out of you and to the ribbon.

When you feel you’ve done that, or as much as possible, tie the ribbon around your ankle or wrist. As fast as you can, snip it off your body and let it fall. It is gone.

Take the ribbon with your writing and get rid of it. (If you are able to burn it, though this is optional.) Cut it up into smaller pieces, throw it out, bury it somewhere you rarely go, let it move in the end or water, as long as you rid yourself of it.

After the ribbon is gone, take some time to meditate on how you feel now that you’re free of that individual / habit / idea. Feel how light your shoulders are now, how bright your soul. Determined by how great your life will be now that what bothered you’re gone for good.

Do your best to not consider this spell, or what you got rid of, again.

Optional: Go have a shower to make certain to cleanse yourself of some of the negativity from the ribbon on your skin. Also, have a snack, drink some water, relax – you simply purged yourself of some pretty heavy stuff, you deserve a break.


Only write one thing on the ribbon – one person, one habit, one thought. If you have more than 1 thing you would like to be rid of, do this spell multiple times. Just be careful not to drain yourself from expending too much energy.

This spell might best be paired with a self-love spell: you ought to bring in some positive to fill up the area and make you feel better after dealing with all the negative thoughts and feelings.

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