Body Switch


This spell is to make you and somebody else switch bodies. You’ll be aware that you’re switching. You should go to where another person was and be in their own body, instead of just turning to the person where you’re at that moment. You’ll also receive the memories of the person you are swapping with.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Name of the person you want to swap with Image of what the person looks like in your mind

Casting Instructions for ‘Body Alter’

Concentrate very hard on the person you would like to swap bodies with and what they look like. Then say this once out loud and then once on your head.
Gods and Goddesses, please help me,
Id love to swap my body.
Not just any person though,
So please dont make the transition slow.
(name) is the body I Need to swap,
When we change, it may sound like a little pop.
Make Sure its done right,
And try to not cause some fright,
By swapping when we expect it.
This may hurt a little bit.
But I dont care, I just want to change,
Even though, I know it also may itch.
Their memories I would also enjoy,
So I will see what they dislike.
Please have it done instantly,
And make sure that the change is done efficiently.
Make sure I go where they were,
If its far, itll look like a blur.
So please help me swap my body,
With this special somebody.
Your permission is the secret.
Please grant my wish, so mote it be.
Once you say this, keep on focusing very hard on the person you want to swap bodies with. Then imagine your brain entering their body and their mind entering your body. Imagine you are now where they were and they’re where you were. Open your eyes. Did you swap? If not, it might require a little bit. To swap back, just do the exact same thing except when you say the name of the person you would like to swap bodies with, ensure you say your name.

Side effects:




Feeling like the person you are swapping with

Feeling as if you should be in the other persons body

Getting flashes of dreams through the other persons eyes

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102 thoughts on “Body Switch”

    • To be honest it actually works,but it was just temporary.i woke up as the girl that I like but just for a moment.i was just about to take water and I realize that I am shorter and lighter and plus I am not in my house either.
      So I just tried to find something like miror and I saw myself as her than out of sudden I black out and I woke up as my normal self.

  1. This works! I am currently in the body of my boyfriend. We have decided we love being each other and are not going to switch back no matter what. I sometimes miss my original life, but am enjoying being a boy!

  2. Hey ive been trying to get this to work ive been concentrating very hard on the person that i wanna swap but i do not know how long i have to keep my eyes shut are u guys and girls sure this spell works?

  3. does it actually work because I and my best friend are trying this and it’s not working also do you have to close your eyes while saying the spell?

  4. Guess what? I think it works, but I am not 100% sure. Why? One of the side effects that is listed is headaches. Guess what? Yesterday I tried it, and as soon as I finished, I got a headache! I didn’t get it to work yet, but now I believe it can work.

  5. Got it to work after a couple of tries, but now I’m stuck like this! I swapped with the girl I like, but now when I try it again to go back, it isn’t working! Please help! I don’t want to be a girl forever

  6. I have a couple of questions:
    -Is this temporary?
    -If I succeed, does the other person know what just happened?
    -Can it be made so that it is temporary?
    -Once I change body in addition to having memories of that person do I lose all mine?


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