Your Own World


This is a spell/ritual which permits you to create your own world and lets you travel there. Works.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Four Candles
Quiet room

Casting Directions for ‘Your Own World’

You start off by imagining the world you want as your own. Draw it out believe that this is a real place. After you draw it out be sure you’ve got everything you want and need there, like food and wifi and laptops and a home. Now, you’re going to place a physical wall all around that place you can decide who gets to be there and who does not, but people being there other than you may only persist for a little while. Now that you have created the entire realm, light four candles and put them on each corner of the paper. Imagine yourself walking around in your world, imagine yourself walking around, feeling your feet hitting the floor. Smell the air, and explain it to yourself. Did it just rain? Is the floor wet? Is there? Can you hear something falling off the trees? Are there trees? This is known as your focus site. Everything should become vibrant for you. You must go lay down on your bed, but dont turn off the candls. Leave the paper you drew your map of your world with the candles lit and lay on your bed. Ensure that your body straight. Take one of your fingers and rub circles directly in-between your eyebrows persist for 50 seconds after you do this, you are supposed to feel a power still doing the soft circles. Your eyes are supposed to be closed if you did not know. Now tilt your eyes into the energy and make it more powerful. Take one deep breathe and imagine your body is leaning up and standing up. Try creating your “other body” walk around. With this other body create a tunnel somewhere in your room with your mind. You need to think this will work. Make a tunnel and make your “other body” walk through it and to your realm. Make the tube shut behind you, so nothing could come in with you. You have just entered another world. CONGRATS! Now that you’ve entered another world make sure when you’re doing so that you are not likely to be bothered. This will take away your concentration, also make sure no one is going to blow out the candles. Like I said make sure you close up the tube. Time moves differently there. Have fun doing whatever in your world. If you summon any wild creatures there you need to be careful. Now to go back to our world. All you’ve got to do is open the tunnel once again from where you came from. If you don’t remember where it was you came from only do it anywhere but you will probably wind up in like the drawer of your room. Then just imagine your “other body” going back into your body and you’re safe. But if you get any scratches or bruises in the other world, then they are going to reveal in this world and that is about it you may want to create two maps of your world so you don’t get lost. *Make sure when you are drawing your map of your world you create a fence or walls around where you are going. * *You cant die there because your physical body is here in this world like I said you are sending your ” body.” * *You can also choose any kind you want; vampire, mermaid, werewolf, etc.. *

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