The Way to Create Your Own Wand


Title says all friends.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A stick your wrist to your elbow’s length
whittling knife
Tea/Other drink
Candles (Optional)
Petals rose
Blood (Optional)

Casting Directions for ‘How to Make Your Own Wand’

Locate a stick about the length from your wrist to elbow. Peel the bark, and make a notch where you want your handle to be. Strip the bark with that spot up, and start to whittle the top half. You can make it end in a point, or you can sand it down level, it will work either way.
Put the wand in a jar filled with beverage or your favorite tea. This will help bond the batter to you. Leave it at the tea for 9-12 hours (preferably overnight, in view of a waning moon) and then set it into a salt circle on or near a windowsill. It will take a couple of hours to dry.
Take the wand to a location where you will be left and cast a circle. You can opt to call the components to bear witness of the ceremony or you can just ask them to be with you.
Put the wand on top of a mirror, and rub at it. Bring a jar of roses into the ring, and kneel down. Say this phrase,

“With this,
I do bind,
Spirit, soul,
Heart and mind.”

Pour your will, and imagine pieces of soul, soul, your heart and mind entering the batter and leaving your body. Decide which hand you pick a up, and may use when casting and say,

“Give this life, let it learn.
When I die, it shall burn.”

Saying this activates the crystal, and ensures that if you die, you will be returned to by the soul inside the batter.
Place the crystal and imagine a seal being crafted from the three of you.
Take a rose out of the cup, and put it lengthwise throughout the wand. Say,

“I transfer its life,
I hand you no strife.”

By wrapping a piece of yarn around 13, maintain the crystal in place.
This is the end of the wand binding, but I recommend casting a protection spells over it also.
To strengthen the connection between you and your wand, put of your blood.

“Moonlight armor,
Stardust sword,

I plea for thee’s help,
Protect me evermore.

Take this writing,
Turn it into tiers,

Help is requested by me,
Listen with your ears.

I Want a sanctum,
I can hide.

Give me a harbor,
You know I’ve tried.

I summon and conjure thee,
To protect this location.

Please make it sacred,
A special Magic space.”

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