Large Area Ward


This ward is used to safeguard your house.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Symbol your relate to gathering energy
A large area
Any tools with symbolic use needed

Casting Instructions for ‘Big Area Ward’

Walk the perimeter of the region and collect as much energy as possible you would like to ward, laying a line of energy down that the entire way around until you get back to your starting point. Make certain to keep focus on the energy as after making your way 27, you’ll need to shape it, you laid in the line. Once you return to your starting place, smooth the energy into a line that is good, going around the whole perimeter. Then, extend the power into a dome shape within the building you are warding (for exceptionally tall buildings, you would be better off creating a cylinder rather than a dome). Concentrate on the feeling you get from those that you need to ward once the shape is created against on creating individuals are identified by the ward and concentrate. Now that the cause is set, concentrate on making the ward do what you want it to do while focusing this only 27, upon being triggered once the trigger is activated. Eventually, from collapsing without your constant attention to maintain the ward, trace the symbol you chose with collecting energy that you connect and tie the ward. This prevents the ward from slowing ward decay in addition to dissipating with no attention. As it will eventually begin to decay, you want to look at the ward. The time this takes is based on how much energy it consumes to maintain itself working and how well it was cast by you. Every couple of days, but others need refreshing, some can last for over a year without maintenance. To refresh the ward, recharge its energy through the spot you traced the symbol.

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