Cleansing Beauty Bath


This charm is also a remedy and also clears you of any negativity, relaxes you as well as makes you more beautiful.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A warm bath ( or shower) A few rose petals Lavender flowers Lavender oil Two or more pink or red candles, how many you enjoy as they are mainly for ambience Clearing incense- lavender, sandalwood, frankincense or other clearing incense you prefer For your mask-Quarter of an avocado a Few strawberries One tomato optional mask components- (If you have stains or spot prone)- one or two garlic cloves( If You’ve Got ageing skin or hypapigmentation)- juice from half a lemon (If you have dry skin)- a tablespoon of olive oil or milk If you are using a shower, half a cup of olive oil Additionally required peace and calm, focus and imagination

Casting Instructions for ‘Cleansing Beauty Bath’

This spell is best performed on Friday on a waxing or full moon.

Gather the ingredients to make the mask. Blend them together or mash them into a mushy paste.

While youre doing this picture a golden light going into the mixture, this golden light is going to make you more beautiful.

Put the mask mixture aside.

Lightly bring the rose petals and lavender flowers to the boil, setting aside a few rose petals.

Strain the blossom tea mixture and set them in warm bath. If your using a shower put it to cool down.

Light the candles and incense in the bathroom when focusing on clearing the space of any negativity and undesirable vibes.

Then add a few drops of lavender oil in the tub. If your using a shower then put the lavender oil and cooled flower tea mixture in a bowl with the olive oil and keep it nearby.

Insert the couple left rose petals to the bowl or bath.

Have the face mask near you in the bathroom.

Get into the bath or shower, relax and inhale the scent, with each breath, relax your entire body.

Earth yourself( you can do this by imagining you have roots coming from your tailbone and into the earth).

Then imagine a brilliant white, healing, clearing light flowing to the top of your mind though your entire body, flushing you of any negativity. Really feel this white light with your will. Then relax some more and take couple of rose petals in the tub or bowl and rub them in your face while saying-

Great Venus, (or you could say Freya), fill me with your beauty and grace, bless me with a more beautiful body and face.

If youre having a shower pour half the bowl of this blossom oil and tea mixture on your face and body.

If youre having a bath, put on the face mask and relax.

Envision gold light now flowing through the top of your mind and trough your entire body, filling you with great beauty.

Relax for at least five or ten minutes. If youre having a shower pour the rest of the blossom tea mixture around yourself, including your face.

If youre having a bath, you might wash off the mask and escape the tub or shower.

Remember to thank the Goddess.

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