Someone’s Beauty


For some individuals, maintaining good looks and being physically desirable is the trick to their self-esteem. Hit them where it really hurts with this curse to rust someone’s beauty over time. Specifically designed to be cast against a woman, you can substitute the gendered materials to match a man also.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 black female candle 1 dragon’s blood incense 1 photo of the target Water Graveyard dirt Inverted pentagram

Casting Instructions for ‘Decay Someone’s Beauty’

Carve the name of your target onto the feminine candle. Cast your magic circle. It should contain an inverted pentagram with the soul point facing south. Place the female black candle on the fire point of your pentagram. Light it. Light the dragons blood incense. Place your paten in the center of your pentagram. Add the water and graveyard dirt to form a soupy, muddy mixture.
Put your target on the altar’s photograph. Dip two fingers out of your power hand to the sand and smear it on the photo. Envision ugliness creeping over their features — yellowed, decaying teeth, hideous boils, hair falling out, etc. — as the mud anoints them. As you do, recite the following incantation:
Muddy water create a slop
With which we will cause to stop
The beauty that is present here
May it give way, and fade
On the ugliness beneath that runs so deep
To gaze upon it will make thee weep
For now that this wicked spell is cast
There shall be one way to take it back
May their exterior reflect their interior soul
And by cleansing one, they cleanse the entire
Only then shall they be free
As I will it, so mote it be

Tear up the photograph and drop the pieces to the sludge.Pass your paten through the smoke from your dragons blood incense three times in a counter-clockwise rotation. Close your circle. Blow out the candles. Eliminate the sludge and the candle remainder in a garbage can, a dumpster, a swamp, a landfill, or another place of filth.

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