Change Eye Color Spell


Change your eye colour to anything you desire. Somewhat complicated.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Altar One yellow candle per eye shifted Any small thing you are attached to that is the colour you wish to change your eye to Any waxing phase of the Moon’s cycle Robe (optional) Small bowl or Chalice of water Small bowl of salt (only need a dab of it though) Pen Parchment or Paper Knowledge of Runes (or a cheat sheet) Cloth (washing cloth or towel is fine)

Casting Instructions for ‘Change Eye Color Spell’

First, enter any meditation you’re most comfortable in. Now, set out your altar (a makeshift one is acceptable, i.e. torso with little towel and drawn pentacle)and place either a couple of yellow candles out on either end of the altar. Face your altar to the east. This next part is essential. Place one candle on each side of the altar, facing north and south. If you only are using one candle, put it at the side of the altar you that’s opposite the eye that color you wish to change. If you would like to modify the left eye, place the candle to the south; if you need to change the right eye, set the candle into the north. Be sure that the Moon is waxing and not waning, new, or full.
Now, set the chalice of water onto the north-east corner of the altar, and the bowl of salt on the south-west corner.Proceed to set the small object you chose in the center of the altar. If you are changing one eye, put the small thing opposite the candle you’re using. Take your pen and parchment and write what color eyes you need in runes (Elder Futhark is greatest) and proceed to draw a pentacle for the following colors: Green, Hazel, Blue, Grey, and Brown. Proceed to draw an inverted pentacle (pentagram) for the following: Black, Red, Magenta, Yellow, and Orange. Proceed to draw an elven star (seven-sided) for the following: White, Light Grey, Cyan, Pink, and Violet/Purple.
Now, before we talk about the actual spell, we need to prepare spiritually. Take your index finger and touch in these places in this order: Brow, Right Hip, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Left Hip, Brow. After you’ve drawn your symbol and completed this previous, have a pinch of salt from its bowl and dip your hands in your chalice without letting the salt go. Ensure you get both your palms and the salt wet. Now, take your hand to your lips and kiss the salt, but do not let any of it in your mouth. Start to whisper (or chant; It’s a taste) this spell:
Beautiful Aphrodite (Apollo, for men), bestow to me your beauty.
Holy Cerridwen (Loki, for men), bestow to me your powers of transformation.
Mysterious Maya (Thoth, for males), bestow to me my wish with your own insecurities.
Three goddesses (gods) of beauty (music/poetry, for males), transformation, and illusion (magick/wisdom, for males), change they color of mine eyes and bless them that you may be better glorified through my improved attractiveness.
Repeat this three or more times. During this vocal section, rub the wet salt in your eyes (or the eye you wish to change) with one hand (be careful!) While touching or holding the small object you picked. After the chant is completed, dry your eyes with the cloth and proceed to rub your eyes with it. Discard the salt and proceed to draw the pentacle on yourself once again. Say:
Thank you goddesses (gods) to your kindess, blessed be.
Blow out your candles and remove the cloth. Rub your eyes nine times and say every single deities names three times in a row and then repeat. Blessed be afterward. Check the mirror.

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