Bigger Butt


Enlargement spell for those needing some help.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 White Figure Candle 1 pink votive candle 1 red votive candle Patchouli Oil Power oil or rather Dragons Blood oil

Casting Instructions for ‘Bigger Butt’

Carve your name and birthday onto the figure candle. Anoint the figure candle with Dragons Blood Oil or Power and the Patchouli. Ground and center. Meditate heavily on your desire, when you’ve grasped the greatest image on your head, light the two votive candles. Now say:
Aphrodite goddess of beauty divine,
Shift tonight this butt of mine!
Make it fuller, make it around,
Higher uplifted to sit profound!
Make it bigger than ever before,
Broad and ugly let sit no longer!
Take this flattened thing,
Unto it, your power sling!!
Take some melted wax dripped from the red and pink candles and drip it on a plate. With your fingers add it the butt of the female candle, but be careful it is HOT! Have fun with this! Mold it making the candles butt bigger. Go real big or move lively but do it till you feel your satisfied. You can even use a candle lighter to melt the other wax securely down onto the female candle. When completed molding, Light the FIGURE candle now chant 7 times :
Dearest Goddess may it be so,
From moon to moon my bum do grow!!
Extinguish the pink and red candles. Burn the figure candle for three times in various increments but repeat the chant every day. On the previous day allow the female candle burn all the way down. After the candle is completely melted and flame is out say:
The butt I want and so desire,
With this spell I shall acquire!
Aphrodite give this unto me,
As I will it, it shall be!
Take the puddle of wax and then bury it in a crossroads or in dirt on your home property.

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