Are you guys in love?


This spell determines whether you and your love are truly in love.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 red candle (blossom) 1 white candle (blossom) you and your love

Casting Directions for ‘Are you guys genuinely in love?’

First, be certain today’s weather (or whatever day you are doing this spell) is sunny. If it’s raining, do not do it, or else you and your love will be in plenty of fights. If it’s windy, I suggest you not to do it, but you can, but results are that you might get into mild fights occasionally.

Now, find a space with at least 4 windows. Take 2 chairs and set them across from each other, so that you and your love are confronting each other once you’re sitting. Make sure that 2 windows are opened, the remainder has to be closed, including the door.

Now, put the red candle on the right side of you, and the white one on the right side of your love. Light the red one first, then the white. Make sure the you are thinking about your love, and your love is thinking about you.

Ok, now both of you shut your eyes and just think about each other and your past for around 5 minutes. Let the aromas of the candle are breathed at by yourself.

Afterwards, each of you have to blow out your candle, and sit in the dark for 3 minutes. If you get tensed up, it means you guys aren’t truly in love. If you feel tingly inside, and you feel unsure, well then, you are unsure. If you feel like you guys really mean a lot to each other, than you guys are truly in luv!


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