Change your eye color


Simply change your eye color without those hard to get ingredients, yet still have it work effectivly.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Optional- Incense (any kind)
The color candle you want your eyes to turn.

Casting Instructions for ‘Change your eye color’

You must be outside for this spell. You can be anywhere to do this spell. The time of day must be sunset to resemble beauty that your eyes may show. Then you should sit but be comfortable. Close your eyes and picture how your eyes will look. Then whisper:

May my eyes turn (color),
May my eyes be diffrent,
May my eyes be true,
to what i see is the door,
that leads to my soul.
May them be (color).
May them be majestic like the wind that rushes through thee..
So Mote it be.

After whispering this (you can say as many times as you wish) you will feel energy coursing through your mind.
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  1. I want to make my eyes red but I don’t have a red candle is there any other way to get the color then with the candle?


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