Cleansing beauty bath spell


This spell won’t only make you more beautiful, but it is going to relax you and clease you of negativity.
Additionally, it includes the use of a natrual homemade face mask.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A warm bath A handful of rose petals two or three tablespoons of lavender flowers Lavender oil A few candles (for ambience only) — Sage or sandalwood or other clearing trademarks of your choice ——- For the facemask- Quarter of an avocado a few berries 1 tomatoe — Optional ingredients- 1 or 2 garlic cloves if you have spots. Juice from half a lemon if you’ve aging skin

Casting Instructions for ‘Cleansing beauty bath spell’

Gather the avocado, strawberries and tomatoe, any of the optional ingredients and a few of the rose petals togther and combine them up using a blender or if you dont have one, mash the ingredients as best as possible to a mushy paste. As you’re doing this visualise golden light going into the mix as part of the components.
This golden light is going to make you even more attractive.

Set the mixture aside, it’s going to be your facemask.

Put about seven of the rose petals aside also, then gently boil the remainder of the rose petals together with the lavender blossoms, then take them off the heat and set them aside also.

Burn the sage or franckincense or whatever clearing incense you have chosen in your bathroom , while focusing on clearing the distance of any unwanted energies.

Create yourself a warm bath, then add the lavender and rose mixture you have lightly boiled previously while using a tea strainer to catch the petals. Add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath and light the candles, then add the seven rose petals( you also put aside previously) to the water.

Makesure your facemask is nearby the bath.

Get in the tub, relax and inhale the scent, with each breath , relax your body, then ground and center yourself.

Imagine , then, a brilliant recovery white light, flowing directly from the top of your head and into your entire body, flushing you of any negativity, ( really feel this light).

Then relax and take a couple of rose petals floating in the bath and rub them on your face, while stating-

“Great Venus, ( or Erzulie, or Isis, or Hathor, or Freya, whatever deity represents beauty), fill me with your grace, make me have a more lovely face”.

Put on your facemask and relax for at least ten or more minutes.
You may then wash your mask off and get out of the bath, if you don’t want to stay in there a bit longer.
Don’t forget to thank the Goddess you called upon.

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