Calling your spirit guide


A formalized ritual to make a declaration to invite and meet with a spirit or entity. This charm was Primarily designed to create an opportunity to meet with your spirit guide/guardian, or other favorable entity.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1- tools to draw and empower a personal circle. If you’re not knowledgeable about circles there are many examples on the site. Or you could go with my previous entry; Spells/At traction Spells/24431/page.html
2- Four candles, one per basic component. They can be colored or non, based on personal preference. It can be as simple as four tea lights.
3- Something to light the tea lights with.
4- Although designed for calling your guide, this spell can be used for summoning other entities as well. If they’re known to prefer offerings, having one with you’d be useful.

Casting Instructions for ‘Calling your spirit guide’

*As a short note, this spell is written as a formal, ritual-based casting. However parts can naturally be adapted to visualizations. As any verbal statements are what worked for me and best seen as guidelines. You may adapt the wording to suit your favorite language, cadence, or of course rhyme. Just be sure the words convey the calling in a kind of request, and that they are in accordance with your desired intent.

1- Prepare by considering what you’re wishing to summon and why. What is the objective of what you’re calling to you. Not just what you are wishing to summon, but you’re summoning it. Use this to choose your wording when you declare what you’re calling for later, during the spell. By way of example there is a subtle difference between saying “I search for my Spirit manual.” And “I search for my soul guardian.”

2-gather what you need/use to cast a circle and call your corners. Also have four candles. Votives/tea lights are fine, or coloured candles if you have them- one for each simple element.

3- pick your place and lay your circle. Ideally this should be in a natural setting, but anywhere you have room to draw and close a circle is going to do. Just be certain that it is private enough to avoid being disturbed. Draw and close your circle and call in your corners but you usually do, and seat yourself in your circle comfortably. Or obviously see the example from the spell components section.

4- Set the four candles down in a row a brief reach out in front of you. Take the first candle and move it straight in front of you. Light the candle, and declare this intent.
“I light this lamp of soul. May its light reach across to the plain of air. May it make contact and illuminate the passage between our worlds. I search for [the being you want to contact], may this light lead you to my existence.”

5- repeat with the second light, making the same plea in precisely the identical wording except to the plain of flame. (“May its light reach across to the plain of fire.”) And again for ground and water, lighting each candle in turn. When finished this stage, all four candles should be burning, close together, and right in front of you. You can organize them however you want. I had them in a tight diamond, every element towards its respective corner.

6- you can shut your eyes, or look intently into the middle of the four flames so that when your eyes go out of focus their light starts to blend together. Either way visualize four bridges coming towards your location, each one lit by the corresponding candle.

7- Make the following declaration with honesty, intention, and confidence.
“May these lamps dispel the darkness, and light the way. May the light reach into the planes of the components and into the realms of spirit that [the entity you’re trying to call on] may come to me. I invite you before me. I ask for your presence to [express your intent and goal.IE; to be conscious of your spirit guide, or call the existence of your guardian, or to gain specific knowledge/insight from or about a specific entity, etc]

The called entity may make itself known to you then and there, it may stay silent, to make itself understood later. Or it may not come in any way. Like every magic this depends on a lot of things. The goal of this spell would be to announce your intent, and your goals, and to extend an invitation for an entity to come to you to help you meat that aim. If you are using this working to invite a specific known thing, this could be the opportunity to do so by placing it outside the circle before you.

Do your best to keep expectations curbed. Especially with an open ended request like ‘my spirit guide’ as it will arrive in the image it’s meant to, not in the image you want or guess or hope for. And if that form doesn’t match your expectations you may skip over the sign of existence and miss entirely that you were successful. Instead do everything you can to be empty of premise and be silent and still.

8- After a time of silence and contemplation, or, if you are lucky enough to gain some form of interaction and it is concluded, have a moment to return to your position of authority and magical thought and intent. When returned to concentrate, say; “As the lantern fades, the paths shall shut.” Then in one breath, blow out the four candles.

If that is being used to acquire a link to your guide or guardian, there is no need to dismiss the thing. If it was a particular entity like a god/goddess, then be thankful for its existence even when you felt nothing or had no inkling to it being there, and include a statement of asking the spirit to go back to its rightful realm in peace before blowing out the candles. Then end the ritual by opening your circle and clearing it. If you included an offering you will want to take it to a natural place or setting if it isn’t there already, and leave it behind. It is no longer yours.

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