Guardian Angel Spell


Spell to summon your guardian angel for your protection.

You may need the following items for this spell:

White candle
Small white or clear crystal
Small velvet or cloth bag

Casting Directions for ‘Guardian Angel Spell’

Preparation Prepare any equipment, altar and your casting circle. Dim the lights very low or turn them off entirely, light the candle, and place the crystal and the bag in front of the candle. Casting Begin by taking a quiet moment, with your eyes closed and your body still, to concentrate and summon all of your energy and energy from the universe around you. Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly, feeling your power grow inside you and spread through your body, and in your arms and legs. You’re likely to use the crystal as a magical magnet to attract a Guardian Angel soul to watch over you. Angel spirits need to be regularly re-attracted with the crystal magnet they can get bored or tired or distracted and wander off. First you have to visualise the ability of the crystal for a magnet. With the candle alight, hold the crystal in front of the candle about 2-3 feet away so you can see the flame through the crystal. Watch the light emitting behind the crystal, flowing through the crystal and sparkling and dancing around the room. This is the magic power in its visible form. Watch as it moves and flows and flows, and feel the power washing over you. Once you can feel the magical energy, recite the following to begin to release the energy of the crystal magnet:

Crystal magnet at the candle light, Your powers so strong, your magic so glowing, unleash your energy to the world wide, And draw a Guardian Angel here to my side.

At this point, move closer to the candle flame so the light becomes brighter and more powerful, and the sparkles and reflections of the light through the crystal are clearer and stronger. Turn the crystal in the light to get the best angle to express the magnetic and magical energies. See if you can find the light to throw mystical shadows on the walls, and then see if you can see any meaningful shapes or hints in the light patterns. Recite the chant above again, twice more, each time moving a little closer to the candle. By now any nearby Angel spirits will happen to be drawn to you by the crystal and the magical in the room, so it is time to command them to watch over you.

Guardian Angels who be here with me, I command thee to watch me and keep me safe, Blessed with chance and gifted with success, So mote it be.

Aftermath Close your eyes and take a moment to visualise your wishes and desires, and the intended outcome of your spell. Make bright, sharp, vibrant and loud images in your head to see exactly what you want to happen. Set the crystal to the bag you have, blow out the candle and the spell is complete. Carry the crystal with you to maintain the Guardian Angel with you.

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