Candy Store Spell


To make someone see the goodness in you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Flowers (any sort that you like)
Crystals (any sort)
Pink Candle
Peaceful place with a tree, wind and long grass.
Night Time (most advised at summers night when it is cloudless and the full moon is out)

Casting Instructions for ‘Chocolate Shop Spell’

Sit under the tree. Light candles let crystals out. Meditate deeply. Imagine there is your the shop keeper and a candy store. Imagine the person comming to you. They seem very interested they look at all the things in surprise… Then they look at you suprisingly and as if they’re really interested. Now open your eyes. Lay the flowers out, they could represent anything that you would like others to see. Chant:

Find me find me ____ (name)x2 find the goodness in me find it… crave it your so thursty for it… now find it…. erase your thirst.

When you’re chanting be sure you feel thursty (it will help ).

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