Become a Pokemon Shifter


You will become able to change from human into any Pokemon of your choice, but it is a long process.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Physical representation of your desired type(s) (below) Drawing your desired full form (this is shiny, and/or a SLIGHT colour variation if you want); be certain your ability and move set is written on it.

Casting Instructions for ‘Become a Pokemon Shifter’

Before anything else, here are the various representations of those types. If your chosen poke has two types, represent both.

Regular: doesnt need a representation

Fire: a small flame like a candle, or a source of heat

Ice: anything cold

Water: a small bowl of water

Grass: a little plant or plant part

Dark: do it at night (most of you will, anyhow)

Psychic: a little gemstone

Fighting: something that has meaning to you


Dragon: anything constituting a dragon

Electric: anything that could conduct electricity

Steel: a little piece of metal (jewelry does work)

Ground/Rock: a little rock (if both types, then have 2)

First, sit down with your representation in front of you, and look at your picture of your form that is desired. Then, close your eyes and clear your mind. Then, think of nothing but your kind surrounding you. (For instance, a fire-type like me could envision fire.) Try to feel your type. Envision both, if you have just two types.
Once you get a feeling that you’re one with your kind, visualize it till you fall asleep. The morning after, you should feel a presence in you that isnt like your usual self. This is your Pokemon side coming inside you, and this is a indication that it worked. It will bring with it some instincts, and listening to them will bring you closer to your form. However, if you picked a mischievous Pokemon such as Zorua, only follow those that wont have a big influence in a terrible way.
You will start to feel as an Otherkin, and when the feeling is extremely strong, this is a signal that there has already been a small change you didnt notice. Your transformations will begin so small you dont feel anything different, or see it. However, they will become larger over time.

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  1. Questions:
    1) will everyone see the transformations as a normal occurrence
    2) will everyone remember you as a pokemon
    3) how do I shift back at will


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