Beginner Glamour Spell


This glamour will utilize your energy in order to make you appear more confident and physically radiant to the people around you. Please note that this requires a lot of focusing of energy and this can be aided with the use of magical tools such as herbs, crystals, and/or incense, which is discussed later. Let me know what you guys think about the charm and tell me about your experiences with it ! Love and light !

You will need the following items for this spell:

> the makeup that you will be applying > a definite intention > as much energy as you can muster (if possible, try to eat nutrient-rich foods before doing and drink lots of water) > magic tools such as crystals, herbs, incense, essential oils, etc (optional but highly reccomended) >music that you feel will allow you to heighten your energy (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Beginner Glamour Spell’

Sitting in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes for a few seconds (not too long- we’re not trying to open any portals) and observe your features. Acknowledge the beauty that exists within them and don’t cut down at all according to your appearance – that can cause the spell to fail.

After doing this, begin applying the makeup onto your face that you’ll be wearing. Focus intensely on your intention, if it be to appear more enchanting, radiant, etc.. Make sure you’re channeling the energy that you are summoning into your cosmetics products or makeup tools (think of your brushes as a wand!) And imagining the energy flowing from the cosmetics and on your face.

Take as much time as you want while performing this to be the most effective. If you rush the process, it will most likely not work to its full potential. Make eye contact with yourself every so often and always be conscious of your natural beauty and the way in which you’re enhancing your features. Enchanting your cosmetics products/tools beforehand will help you tremendously, and it’ll help to strengthen your glamour during the day if you’re reapplying your cosmetics with those objects. For example, if you enchant a tube of lip gloss and reapply it during the day, the magic will fortify your glamour by adding to it. Confidence and a sense of self love and self worth is the most significant part this glamour.

If you choose to use crystals that will help you elevate your energy, try setting up a crystal grid on your vanity or round the mirror that you are performing your glamour in. Meditate upon their energy for a few moments before doing the spell. Burn incense or herbs like sage or frankincense. Try to create the most magical atmosphere that you can.

Very good luck and blessed be ! Always remember that you’re divine, and claim your divinity as opposed to your humanity !

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