The Mirror Glamour Spell


This is going to take a look at a new glamour spell to help with your beauty. You will be producing this spell during the waxing moon. This will be done at a set time every night for thirteen days in a row.

What will you require to perform this spell?

1) Pink Candles (Three)

2) Mirror

3) Essential Oil (Rose) For Beauty

The rose oil is going to be used for the candles. You will take the oil and rub it on the sides using gloves or tissue. Make sure it is not touching the skin.

All three candles are going to be lit and put in front of you. This is when you are going to turn off the remaining lights (if necessary). You are going to sit in front of the mirror as you do this. You are going to begin to imagine a rose-colored light that is grasping onto you. This is when you are going to use your mind’s eye and watch as the light starts to pour over you to fulfill your desires.

Now, you will say:

“Oh sacred flame, as you move,

Call my sacred glance

Call my second sight

Give me the beauty as I desire

With your light.

Oh blessed flame, shining outright

Give me my second sight

Power of three, let them view, let them view

It is complete. So mote it be.”

Don’t forget to do this for all thirteen days as that’s a must. You want to be consistent as that’s how you are going to see results. If you miss a day, you will have to work through the thirteen days all over again.

You want to make sure this is done with practice to get it spot on. This is how you are going to get the magickal energy; you are going for. Continue to learn the art, and you will get better at it. Always look to go to out witchcraft store for more information on what works and what does not along with starter kits to help you out.

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