Glamour Spell for Gender


For if you are having trouble passing, want help with the way you are seen, or need reassurance for yourself.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Small corked bottle or necklace pendant Hemp or some sort of strand A classic crayon that’s the color you associate with your sex Pencil and paper Herbs which you associate with your gender.

Casting Directions for ‘Glamour Spell for Gender’

On a small piece of paper, design or use a sigil for what you want people to see you as (as an example, I want to be perceived as more masculine so I used the male symbol for the bottom of my sigil).
Once you’re happy with your sigil, chop up or melt your crayon(s) and put them in the jar. Add the sigil.
As you do so picture yourself being seen as your gender, being accepted, basically consider why you’re doing this spell.
“I make this necklace to keep my spirit up, So that others will see me for who I really am, For my sex to be on the exterior in addition to within me.”

Now you have the simple charm, you have the option to add more energy to the bottle.
Add Your herbs into the jar. As you do so, picture what you would like to get from each one. (For example, I added cinnamon to my jar for a sharp masculine air)
“As I add this [herb] I need for it to give me [intent].”

Once you have added what you will need to the bottle, place the cork in it, seal the jar. Tie the hemp or cord around the lip of the jar. When you need a boost, wear this necklace to assist.

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