Become A Neko


Yeah, I never tried this and please let me know if it works and/or what the side effects are.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 white candle 1 pink (Light pink) candle 1 red candle 1 increased (Hot/dark pink) candle 1 Gold (Dark yellow) candle 1 green (light green) candle 1 turquoise (medium blue) candle 1 royal blue (darkest/midnight blue 1 purple (Dark purple) candle voice cat ears of your choice a strand of YOUR hair a sharp thing a candle in the colour of your cat ears (If it’s multiple colors, use the main color)

Casting Instructions for ‘Become A Neko’

1.) Light each candle
•royal blue
And set them.

2.) Set the cat ears on.

3.) Light the previous candle, the one from the colour of your cat ears, and place it directly in front of you.

4.) Take the strand(s) of hair and burn it/them in the flame of the candle in front of you.

5.) Recite: “Ears and tail, a cat’s wail, the creature I wish to be. A neko human turn into one and return. The fur is the hair that I burned, I will be this creature, for there’s much to learn. Climb a tree, change freely, so mote it be.”

6.) Take the sharp object and make an incision on the index (pointer) fingerof your RIGHT hand.

7.) Say: “With the blood I sacrifice on this candle, my DNA will become infused with that of a cat. The melted wax will have red/crimson (It depends on how dark your blood is… Red if it is a normal blood red; crimson if it is a dark red. Mine is crimson.) Splotches or may be completely that color, and so long as it stays as so, I am going to be a Neko.”

8.) Let some of the blood put upon the melted wax of the candle (in front of you) and after about 20 seconds, put the candle out by letting a few drops of blood soil on the fire.

Side effects: Unidentified; should you encounter any, let me know so I can put them up, please? Also, allow me to know if it works.

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  1. Has anyone tried this? Is it legit? Will I be able to go fully cat or just have ears and a tail? Are they retractable? I need answers!!!


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