Spell to Become a Shape-shifter.


This spell will be able to make you a shape-shifter. You’ll have the ability to become any animal (not mythical creatures though, I may make a different version of the spell which allows you to become any mythical creature) when you would like to.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your Voice. A candle (any colour). A place that is quiet. (Optional) casting it on a full moon will make it more effective.

Casting Instructions for ‘Spell to Become a Shape-shifter.’

1. Mediate for five minutes or longer before starting the spell (the more you meditate, the more it will begin to be more effective).
2. Light a candle and place it somewhere and sit cross-legged near it.
3. Look into the flame for a few seconds, imagining you turning into various types while shrouded in smoke.
4. Chant: 3x “O gods and goddesses hear my plea,
“I wish to be a shape-shifter.
“To fly or run or swim as an animal when I wish,
“And to come back as a human when I wish,
“I wish, I wish, for this to be.
“Please make me a shapeshifter,
“With the capability to become any animal I wish.
“So mote it be.”
5. Close your eyes and envision yourself turning into smoke and then forming back to yourself when you’re done, let it engulf your senses. Then imagine the same thing but turning into anything creature reveals itself to you. Open your eyes after seeing the animal. If the animal bowed to you when you were about to depart or tried to communicate or interact with you, it worked if it didn’t, then it didn’t work.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you on your first time, try again. Let me know if this worked and farewell ^ ^.

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4 thoughts on “Spell to Become a Shape-shifter.”

  1. I’ve really want to become a shape-shifter part of my life, but the thing is the reason why I want to shape-shift is to get away from my mom when she complains or fusses at me! I visioned my self turning into straft the dino bot (transformers age of exstinction) and just take flight through the night sky letting all my worries slip away. But my question is if I was to become a shape-shifter could I turn into ANYTHING I please?

  2. hi i would like to know if its safe to do this, like can you change your human look or you can only change into animals or creatures, i wanna do this but im kinda afraid


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