Become a Witch Spell


This is a charm I made to become a witch. Hope it works for you!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Day or night Jewelry (any kind) Hands Belief

Casting Directions for ‘Become a Witch Spell’

Whatto Do:
Take the jewelry and place it on.
Say the charm 3x:Take off the jewelry
Hold it in your hand snugly
Envision yourself as a witch using your powers, flying, etc.. With lots of belief!


I call on the witches
I call on elements
To give me my deepest wish
My wish
To become a witch
With the power of flight
I will fly to the Best distance and height
With the power to control and summon (component) and (component)
I will summon and control it in any way I plea for
With the power of wish granting
I shall grant unlimited for Everyone including me
There’s 1 power
That is that you select based on my personality
I shall cast spells
Make potions
Do all magic
I ask for this plea
Make me a witch in 2 or 3 days
So mote it be.

Tips Notes:
This is quite a lengthy spell so you can write it down if you want or memorize it.
What I’d do if I want to learn how to use the components is to visit the website and find the power or element.
(ex: ability to control and summon fire, That’s pyrokinesis so I’d go to the site and find the power and it will show you how to summon and control it)
I would do that to the other forces in the spell like flight, wish granting, it has all of it.
Website with the forces:

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