Become a spell


I am not positive if this spell works and please email me if the spell works or not and thanks for reading my spell and Good Luck to you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Night time(9:00 and after)
Be lonely(like your room)
A symbol like a special necklace, ring, bracelet, or anklet, etc. something with a meaning to you

Casting Instructions for ‘Become a Witch spell’

Say this 3 times:

Dear Witches,
Please listen to my plea. I want to be a witch with the power to fly as far and as high as my hearts desire, enchanting beauty, inhuman power that can carry anything, the capacity to make infinite wishes to anyone I desire and the power to control and summon the components of (element of your choice)and(element of your choice). Please listen to my
Plea and make me like you! I WISH TO BE A WITCH! I thank you and bless all witches. SO MOTE IT BE!!

When you finish saying the spell put on the jewelry and lye down and close your eyes and be sure that it is quiet and imagine yourself at night flying around in the presence of the entire moon in a dress of your favorite colour waving in the wind(if your a guy a suit with a cape waving.) And also you using your powers

Side Effects:
*Dreams of being a witch and you using your powers
*Really bad headaches
*Coughing a lot
*Feeling sick/stomachaches
*Power surges(elements you picked will start going everywhere

Powers and Characteristics you gain in spell:
*Flight-You will have the ability to fly anywhere and everywhere as quickly as you need and as large as you want even a couple of cm.
*Wishing-You can grant wishes to anyone you want including yourself
*Beauty-You’ll be more beautiful than any human in the world
*Strength-You’ll have inhumane strength

*The spell will come true in 3 days
*when it says summon, I mean it comes out of your hands like having Elsa’s ice forces
*Make Sure you really believe and you can’t lie to yourself
*Animals will like you more
*You can make a wand by wishing up one

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