Become a Witch


With this spell you can turn into a witch ONLY if you REALLY think and want it!

You may need the following items for this spell:

Night time – after 9 p.m and earlier 3 a.m
Necklace – it is better to utilize pendant of pentagram (ordinary, not satanic pentagram), YinYang or some other symbol that has some meaning to you.

Casting Instructions for ‘Become a Witch’


“Dear witches from woods and winds, please hear my calls. I was a witch, witch beautiful as an angel, agile as a tiger and wild as fire. Please let me become this, a witch!
A witch gifted with the power to grant as many wishes I will to anyone I plea.
Witch gifted with the power to manipulate and conjure (element you need to have) and (another component you wish to posses).
Witch gifted with the power of flight, to fly whenever I want, so long as I can, and as far as I plea.
Please allow this me, a being gifted with all sorts of magic I will be! Whenever sun rises, so will my magic rise. As soon as the following day is born, so will I be reborn. Reborn and awakened as a witch. This is what I wish to be, I want to become a witch. SO MOTE IT BE!”

Say this spell 3 times.

You can be inside or out, it does not matter. What you think will do it the best is what you will need to do. Set your necklace on. Imagine you flying – floating. Imagine, think about witches and magic. Imagine you flying on night skies by presence of full moon. Believe it will happen, but do not lie to yourself.
Don’t squeeze your fists and say “It will work” while asking yourself, deep inside, “Will this REALLY work!?” . That’s trick, but you can not trick spells.
Say spell 3 times, slowly, obviously, and if you want, loudly, but you can also whisper that, just be certain that what you say is clear, like someone is listening to you, but he must hear every word from first moment.


– Dreams – dream of being a witch. You may dream yourself flying with your black, white or any other color you like, dress rapping on air as you fly. You will mostly fly.
– Anxiety – pain in your vessels, even if that is the way I can describe it. Headaches, stomaches, coughing and may get sore throat or fever.
– Coldproof and fireproof – warmth and/or cold doesn’t seem to bother you much, nor affect you.
– Animals – witches’ magick is stronger when they have animals, and their owned pets are attached to them. Your pets will see their protector and best friend in you, and will be more favorable than ever.

– Believe
– Spell will operate next morning, after sunrise
– You will get several powers and abilities. Depends on you, what you have carried from your birth to this day, burried on your own, your secret power?

– Flight – you will have the ability to fly as you desire, without aid of anything else than your own mind. It may be bit difficult, but you’ll realize that you can do it, but just not long enough. Practice and no fear
– Elements you picked in spell. You can have only two of these. I will list what elements you can have down below.
– Wish granting – instantly granting unlimited number of wishes to anyone you want by your will. Careful with this please!
– Unique gift – power you will find that is decided on your own burried power, and your talent. I will list some of them I’m familiar with.

– Unnatural beauty – much more beautiful than any individual.
– Agility – more nimble than before.


– Fire
– Earth
– Wind
– Water
– Ice
– Electricity
– Shadow/Darkness
– Light

(Earth is controling plants too so say earth if you wannna control plants!)


– Mind reading
– Precognition
– Healing/Empathy healing
– Telepathy
– Telekinesis
– Retrocognition
– Memory absorption
– Mind control
– Emotion control (love inducement, hatred inducement etc..)
– Psychic shadow
– Empathy
– Dream manipulation
– Inhuman beauty (you do get this but you may get attractiveness That’s even beyond witchs’)
– Power bestowal

Questions about this spell? Message me then!

5 STARS – if it worked
4 STARS – if it worked but information were incorrect
3 STARS – if you have side effect but it didn’t work
Two STARS – if you didn’t get any side effects and it didn’t work
1 STAR – there is no way this spell may work after many times you have tried


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