Wing Shifter Spell


This spell provides you two forms to shapeshift to at will, plus retractable wings on all of your forms, and some other things. You must read the whole spell before continuing.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black candle Feather Belief Mental image of all of your forms (except your base form), and the wings of all your forms (like wings of base form) Full moon

Casting Directions for ‘Wing Shifter Spell’

Light a black candle and hold a feather up to its own light. Imagine all your forms, turning into them, unfurling your wings, then retracting them. Imagine your wings on your base/human form, unfurling and retracting them, their shape, color, size. Now imagine manifesting the tail and ears of your creature forms on your human form, both with and without wings. Once you have visualized all of this, say three times without messing up (memorize it or write it down):

“By the power of the moon shining bright
I pass and change within its light
Make me a shifter of the blackened night
With two animal forms and beautiful wings of flight.
The form of a/n (creature), the form of a/n (animal)
Both with wings that can grow and retract
By the moon’s light
I shall be nonhuman soon.”

Now focus on your intent again, then blow the candle out.

Side effects:
Getting stronger and faster
Better reflexes, more flexible
More stealthy
Better senses
Endurance, pain resistance, lung capacity and endurance
Skin turning the color of your species’ fur/scales/feathers
Down feathers coming out of your back
Flaky/oily skin, especially on the back
‘Pimples’ on upper back
Aches in tailbone
Tingling in mind, back, tailbone, legs, feet, and arms
Connection to the air and the sky
Connection to your animal types
If your species has any powers, then you may develop them shortly before your first shift
Angry easily
Occasional mental flares
Short Pants when looking at the moon
Dreams of your types and being your types

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  1. Hey, quick question. Can we do this spell for mythical creatures? I’ve wanted to become a all elemental dragon shapeshifter for the longest time connected to all of the elements itself. Is that too extreme or is it possible? Or any other mythical creature wings such as a black magic Pegasus unicorn or a blue fire phoenix? Please clarify this for me.


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