Wings Potion


A potion to grow wings. This was difficult to make, as it’s tough to find herbs for wings and flight.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Wings Potion Feather Water Sugar Salt Oregano Basil Blood, yours Milk

Casting Directions for ‘Wings Potion’

Mix together all the ingredients except the feather. Make sure to focus on your intent as you blend. Hold the feather and say, while visualizing the changes that you describe:
This potion I’ve mixed is made
To grow (color)-feathered wings from my spine
Nubs form, then grow,
And smallish feathers grow out.
First, my primaries, long and powerful,
Extend from around my shoulder blades.
My shoulders go apart to make room
Since the bone begins to grow out,
Covered in feathers on either side.
And muscles, tight and full of power,
Hide under the feathered skin,
As my normal skin components, with hardly any blood,
Making space for my new wings to slide free.
Gradually, the wings slide further forward,
Until the downy inside feathers show,
And my wings are fully extended,
And that I can fold them tightly on my back.
But earlier on in the expansion, as the nubs Started to show,
My bones are getting to be lighter, but tougher as well.
And if my feathers begin to poke out,
Air sacks are forming inside my body,
My lungs growing to hold more air,
And my balance is improving, so I can steer even without a feathery tail.
And when my wings are fully grown,
I will have the instincts required to fly and land,
And I’ll Be able to practice flying,
As soon as my wings are grown out.
Now I will drink this potion,
Aware that although there’ll be no blood, the procedure will hurt.
Aware that the wings are going to take some time to grow.
Aware that the wings will be permanent as soon as my instincts kick in and my nubs form.
Aware that my wings will require additional care.
And conscious that I need to keep my secret safe.
Now drink half the potion, and rub the rest on your upper back. Then massage it in and think harder about your intent and the process of developing wings. Maintain the feather safe.

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