Wing Growth Potion 2


Another wing potion, but this one is for external use only.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Water Apple juice Dandelion root Flour (only a little) Grape juice Lime juice Orange juice Sea salt Vanilla extract Full moon

Casting Instructions for ‘Wing Growth Potion two’

Go outside with a cauldron or bowl, along with the essential ingredients. Stand or sit in the moonlight, in a place with as little light pollution as possible. Allow the moon to shine on the bowl as you work. Focus on your intent (wings) as you work. Before you start, sprinkle salt and flour in a pentagram shape. Work within this pentagram.
Mix together water, apple juice, grape juice, lime juice and orange juice. Add a few drops of vanilla extract, followed by dried, powdered dandelion roots. Gather, dry, and powder the roots yourself if you can. Add a pinch of sea salt, then mix together until well combined. Gradually mix in flour until it makes a paste, then chant three times this spell while stirring the mixture.
This potion I blend, the end it brings
The atmosphere uplifts and my spirit sings
With wand and salve, crystal and blade
Within my circle the magick is made
Thy power in the full moon glowing
Gathers in the pale moonlight
The energy swirling around and around
I pull it downward to the ground
I charge the potion with the Moons power
To give my wishes in the midnight hour!
And I do call, with stinging eyes
To the pretty bird which flies
On (color) wings, as light as the breeze
Oh forces of air, I beg of you, please!
Give me large (colour) wings of flight
Make my bones strong, but light
Give me a body altered for flight
Charge this potion with electricity tonight
By the Gods and Goddesses of the atmosphere,
I’ll receive my wings!
So mote it be!
Now remove your blouse, shirt, etc. and spread the potion between your shoulder blades, and disperse all of the potion onto it. Wait for the paste to dry before wearing clothing. Bow to the moon, and depart with your bowl and clothes. Leave the pentagram there. Leave the potion on overnight, then wash it off while focusing on tails. Your wings will come, so have faith that your wings are coming to you. Use binaurals, subliminal and meditation to assist the spell.

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