Winged Wolf


A spell to make yourself a winged wolf shifter, capable of growing wings, turning into a wolf, turning into a winged wolf or returning to human form at will.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Large feather (turkey feathers are great for this) Paper The second and third spells, written down (optional) Pencil or pen A match or lighter A black candle (any size) A bundle of dried sage A cup of water

Casting Instructions for ‘Winged Wolf’

Take the paper and set it portrait-style on the table. In the top, draw a pentagram and write the species of wolf you want to be beneath it. Be specific: is it a timber wolf? A northwestern grey wolf? A red wolf? Choose carefully.
Write your wingspan as a human on the left, and your wingspan for a wolf on the right. For a human, try to pick a large wingspan. By way of example, if you are 1.7 meters tall you should have a 7 foot wingspan. Calculate a good size that could carry you well, taking into consideration your weight and proportions. Do the same to your wolf form, but have the wings proportionate to the size of your wolf form. Under each wingspan, write the height and weight of each form, and the fur colour of your wolf under the height and weight of the wolf shape.
Now write this:
Moon, oh moon, grant me my plea
To soar in the sky and fly free.
I can grow my wings, painless and fast
And they’ll grow as I grow to make it survive.
I can fly with ease, and my wings retract
Quickly and easily into my back.
Moon, oh moon, oh grant me will
To run through the woods and up on the hills.
Painlessly I shift at a second or less
Into my wolf form that I love best.
Into a human so readily
And into a wolf whenever I want to be free.
Moon, oh moon, grant me these items
An avian form, a wolf type, and a wolf with wings
To become at will and return when I please
So I can fly over the trees.
Now say this spell three times, then light the black candle and say:
By the power of three, let it be
By earth and fire, wind and sea
My only weakness is aconite
It burns me, weakens me, and hinders my trip
I soar over the world, I run and I fly
And colour is seen by my wolf eyes.
My perceptions are multiplied by five
So I encounter the world even more living
And I have super strength, agility and speed
To assist my wings to take me.
I’m flexible and my endurance is high
So I can soar through the sky.
My wings carry either form, so large and powerful
And I can fly free for very long.
My body changes with such speed and grace
And in seconds I change to a different race.
The moon, the sun, the stars above
The elements and the divine love
I call all good powers here to me
To allow it to be, mote it be.
Now take a leaf of sage and crumble it into the water. Add a few plumes in the bottom of the feather. Burn a few leaves of the blossom. Place the feather in the bundle and spin around, focusing on clearing the room and yourself of bad spirits, negative thoughts, and doubt. Now hold the feather to your heart and say this spell three times.
Moon with golden horns so bright
I run and fly in the blackened night.
Awaken my soul to be so free
Let it be, blessed be.
I’m alive, and I will live
With everything this world has to give
When I die and I’m reborn
I will regain all of my other forms.
The cycle turns, the wheel to be
My fantasies alive to make it be
Bless me my soul
Open my body and make me whole.
Claws and fur and wings and teeth
Break free of my sheath
And my human form can shut around
And my soul shall come to earth.
I change and in seconds return
I feel no pain as I flip
That is my wish, my dream, my poetry
Sent out to the universe
Don’t misinterpret or reverse
This great blessing into a curse.
Evil spirits banished be
This distance pure and blessed be
Wolf and my wings alive in me
By the power of three, mote it be!
Now drink the water, swallowing everything in it, while focusing on your wish. Blow out the candle. Fold the paper up and bury it outside.

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