Companion Wolf


This spell will hopefully enable you to wind up with a wolf puppy.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 picture of your desired wolf/wolf hybrid (can be drawn or printed)
Colored pencils (if you decided to draw)
1 black pen

Casting Instructions for ‘Companion Wolf’

When you have printed out/drawn and coloured the image fold it in half hamburger style, on the side of the folded paper, write any features you want your wolf to Get, which includes (but is not limited to):

what it eats
eye color
breed of wolf
As soon as you have this written down, fold the paper hamburger style again and write the following on one side (say each word aloud as you write it) : (strain) wolf of mine, come to me as tiny puppy. I summon my newborn companion creature SO MOTE IT BE. (so more it be must be composed as big as possible) When you have written this, fold the paper hamburger style again and draw a pentagram. When the pentagram was drawn fold the paper one more time. Hold the folded paper to your chest and say: (strain) wolf of mine, come to me as a small pup. I summon my toddler companion monster. With eyes (eye color) and fur of (fur color) I humbly ask the god/godess to give me my dream wolf, my companion for life. As I say it do mote it be! When you have chanted this kiss the paper and place it under your pillow (it is best to do this spell before going to sleep). As you fall asleep think about your wolf, think about you and your wolf coming together. You dont necessarily have to dream about you and your wolf, but think about it. Do steps 6-8 for the next 4 days. When you are not sleeping possess the newspaper on or near you at all times.

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