Bast Protection II


Same as the first but with more and materials innovative.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Red cat candle (love)
Green cat candle (financial )
Black cat candle (enemies or hexes(to break or cause)
Oils(catnip, sage, black cats oil) all optional

Casting Instructions for ‘Bast Protection II’

Meditate upon your problem visualize bast protecting you from the issue. If you are sweating a hex/curse visualize bast harming that person but it must be justified unless you are capable of strong dark spells

Charge the candle dress it if you want but charge the candle it helps, then light the candle meditate upon its flame before chanting:

Bast shield me and(say what you need protected if not countinue) we/I are/is in Trouble protect us today with all you roaring might! Strike down the evil that is located close to slash and bite do what you must protect me/us don’t abandon us I/we are/Im your kittien(s) keep us safe and fair do not let us fall I ask of thee so mote it be

Feel Bast power flow all around you jump and striking the danger when done see her land on her feet and listen to a mighty lions roar (if you want roar to affirming your success) Then see Bast change to a beautiful cat cute but powerful see her wake to you then watch her curl on you lap see her golden silvery aura create a force field around you and everything you want protected

Malevolent variant Do the same as above except chant Mighty Bast warrior of Day and of Night attack(state person) for their wrongdoing to me. And may my revenge be fulfilled. Claw and curse their being until they burn their happiness and shadow

Feel the malevolent type of Her being a black cat that crosses your chance a leering lion ready to pounce and kill. Do not let her remain send her off by focusing on that person until the deed is done

Tell her before she goes to return only once revenge as been fulfield and after she returns honor her then say thank you in some form. Being mainly good its hard to be bad once done say I thank thee for the completion of my revenge return now do not hurt me but always shield Blessed Be.

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