Conjuration of Nicksa


A ritual to summon Nicksa. For advanced professionals only. You have to be comfortable and comftorable with the element of water.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Bowl of ashes
Bowl of salt
Bowl of Water
Consecrated chalice
Protective circle
Altar facing west (direction of water)

Casting Directions for ‘Conjuration of Nicksa’

On your altar, place everything. Say over the salt:

May wisdom stick in this salt, and may it preserve our mind and bodies from corruption by Hockmael, and in the virtues of Ruach Hockmael! May the phantoms of Hyle leave herefrom; it may become a celestial salt, salt of the earth and ground of the salt, it may feed the threshing ox and strengthen our hope from the horns of the Flying Bull. Amen.

Say within the ash:

May this ash return unto the fount of the living waters; may it become a furtile earth; may it bring forth the tree of life, which are the three names of Netzach, Hod, and Yesod in the beginning and ultimately, by the Alpha and Omega, which can be in the soul of Azoth! Amen.

Say over the water

Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters; the things which are above are like unto the things below, and also the things below are like unto those things above, for the performance of the wonders of one thing, the Sun is its father, the Moon is its mother, the Wind hath carried it in its belly hereof. It ascendeth from earth to heaven and Descendeth from heaven to earth. I exorcise thee, monster of water, that thou mayest become unto man a mirror of the living God and His works, a fount of life and ablution of sins. Amen.

Mix the ash, salt and water together and say:

From the salt of eternal wisdom, in the waters of regeneration, and in the ash whence the new earth springeth, be all things accomplished by Elohim, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel through the Ages and Aeons. Amen.

Go Front of the ring with the bowl and scatter outward. Do the same for all instructions. Go back to the altar. And recite the prayer of the undines. Dread King of the sea, who hast the keys of the floodgates of heaven, and dost confine the waters of the underworld from the caverns of earth; King of the Deluge and the Floods of the Springtime; Thou who dost unseal the sources of rivers and fountains; Thou who does ordain moisture, which is similar to the blood of earth, to become the sap of plants: Thee we adore and Thee we invoke! Speak to us, Thine inconstant and unstable monsters, in the great tumults of the sea, and we will tremble before Thee; Speak unto us also from the murmur of limpid waters, and we will yearn for Thy love! O Immensity to which flow all the rivers of life, to be continually reborn in Thee! O Ocean of Infinite Perfections! Height which reflects Thee from the depth,depth which exhalts Thee to the height, lead us unto the authentic life by Intelligence and Love! Lead us to immortality by forfeit, that we may be found worthy one day to offer Thee water, tears and blood, for the remission of sins!? After that, meditate on the mysteries of water. When you’re ready, invoke the undines. O Spirits of the watery lands, Thy who brings forth life in abundance, O Undines, O Great Elemental Beings of the oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, lakes, streams, pools, fountains, and the other abysses of water, O Spirits of the blood of life, O unstable ones that constantly move, Whose grace flows upon all things, O Sustainers, O Spirits who talk in movements, flowing within the emotions of life, O Regenerating ones, who washes away all impurities, Who haste brought forth the boundaries of the Heavens, O Healing Suave, O Giver of the Gift of Life, Thy whose depths reflects thy heights, Thy whose sacrifice brings forth life, O Spirits of water, O Spirits of the west, we call Thee forth, Rain upon us, and come as the four rivers which flow forth from Eden, bringing unto us the seeds out of the Tree of Life, come forth, come forth, we invoke Thee, come in Thy Gentle Guise, O come Magnificent ones. Amen. You should feel that the undines around you, if not, repeat the invocation. If you still dont feel anything, then perhaps you sent ready. Should You feel their existence, then invoke Nichsa by saying

O King of the Divided waters, O Lord of the Four rivers of Eden, O Emperor of the four rivers of the Infernal Realms, O Regenerating King of Life, maintenance holder of the Elixir of Immortality, Bestower of Gifts, Granter of Blessing, Lord of Beauty, O Lord of the Vengeful waters of the flood, O Great King of the Sea, come as the rain, and water our circle with the Heavenly Dew of Wisdom, Grace us with your presence, Bless us with Your Beauty, O Nichsa come forth from Thy depths and grace us with Thy conversation. Amen.

If he comes, the converse with him. Ask him what you will. If not, then you probably arent ready. When you’re done with him, he’ll depart leaving you with all of the undines around you to take care of. Request the politely to leave. Usually, this doesnt do the trick. Elementals are playfull and try to mess around with you. If that is what happens, then say loudly and clearly. Caput mortum, imperet tibi dominus per vivum et devotum serpentem! Cherub, imperet tibi Dominus per Adam Yod-HaVah! Aquila errans, imperet tibi Dominus per alas tauri! Serpens, imperet tibi Dominus Tetragrammaton, per Angelum et Leonem! Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Anael! Fluat udor per Spiritum Elohim Manet in terra per Adam Yod-HaVah! Fiat firmamentum per Yod-HaVah-Sabaoth! Fiat judicium per ignem in virtute Michael! Angel of the blind eyes, obey, or pass away with this holy water! Work Winged Bull, or revert to the earth, unless thou wilt that I should pierce thee with this sword! Chained Eagle, obey my sign, or fly before this breathing! Writhing serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tortured by the sacred fire and give way ahead of the perfumes that I burn inside! Water, Return! Fire, burn! Air, circulate! Earth, revert to earth!? By Virtue of the Pentagram, which is the Morning Star, and by the Name of the Tetragram, which can be written in the centre of the Cross of Light! Amen. Amen. Amen. Finnaly, perform the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.

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