Heid Prophecy Rite


Invocation of Heid.

**Disclaimer: This isn’t my work. This is the job of Katie Gerrard, who wrote the book: Seidr- The Gate is Open. I am simply sharing it. **

You may need the following items for this spell:

An offering

Casting Directions for ‘Heid Prophecy Rite’

Start by purifying the space you’re likely to work in, and invoke group protection. How you do so is up to you. Call upon Heid, asking that she guide you and take an active role in the rite. Describe what your intent is, what the goal is, and what you want from Heid. Be clear. State the boundaries and limits you have.

The Channel, or the individual who’s going to have Heid invoked into them, now will have a cloak placed over their head. They are provided a staff to hold.The Channel is to pound the ground with the staff, to wake the Volva from her sleep. While this is occuring, the audience/choir will being to sing galdr to entice Heid to be involved in the ritual. The guide will be singing to main lead of the choir, invoking Heid in the same style. The group, as a whole, should visualize Heid coming up from the Earth and into the channel.

The Master of Ceremonies, or whomever happens to be running the entire rite, should now welcome Heid. This would be the appropriate time for an offering. It is given directly to Heid throughout the channel. (AKA if you’re offering food, give the food to the station). When the Channel was touched by Heid, the audience then asks questions to be answered by Heid through the Channel. When the questions are answered, the singing continues again, to draw Heid back into the ground and from the Channel. The Channel then grounds , and thanks Heid for the adventure.

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