Helheim Travels


A ritual and spell describing the way the northern shaman would “travel” to Helheim in order to commune with the dead, etc..

You will need the following items for this spell:

A black candle
A white candle
Bones of Some Type
Dark cloth
Soothing incense
A quiet, dark place

Casting Instructions for ‘Helheim Travels’

Start by finding a quiet and dark place to unwind. You do not want to be disturbed as you work. When this is found, sit in a comfy position and drape the dark cloth around you like a showl. Place the black candle to your left and the white candle to your right- then light both of these. Quickly light the incense as well set the bones inbetween both candles and sit back.

Start by working towards meditation/trance. A simple way to do it is to focus on a beat, or focus on your breathing. Breathe in for four counts, then exhale for four points. Continue this process until it’s all you’re focused on. Let nothing else interfere with this state of mind. Breathe, exhale. Do this for roughly 10-20 minutes or until you think you’re ready to move on.

Feel yourself drift away from your body. As you travel elsewhere, begin to seek out Hel and Helheim. Push forward, imagining a field. When you reach this area, call out to Hel or the spirits you would like to communicate with. Be cautious, but open as you proceed. Now imagine Hel or the ancestor/spirit you wish to communicate with. Picture a presence approaching yourself, and will yourself. When you think that something is close, talk what it is you wish to understand or have questions about. 1 way of receiving the replies to your question would be to ask the spirit for a dream shortly after you leave: The answers to these questions should come to you relatively quickly. When you’re satisfied with this, thank the spirit that spoke to you and start to leave. Stretch yourself backward, leaving the area, and heading towards your body.

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