Liberate Yourself


This is more of an technique as opposed to a spell, but its really liberating!

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Liberate Yourself’

Find a nice relaxing place to clear your mind where no one can disturb you, and make sure you have time to try it, at least 30 minutes. If you going to be in a hurry you wont be able to place your full intent into it and it will be as powerful.

Now, arrange yourself into a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Breath in and out slowly as you clear your mind of all earthly troubles, don’t let your mind wander off carelessly. This can be difficult at times, but its not impossible. Count backwards from 10, as you do so, breathe in as far as possible and breathe out slowly.

Now see yourself in a white area, you’re surrounded by light. Slowly off in the distance you can see what looks like water coming toward you. You feel something soft in your toes, it appears to be sand! You are now at a gorgeous beach surrounded by complete peace. The sea you look out is the key.

Now it appears that you have astral pen and paper in your hand. Write down what you would like to rid yourself of, whats holding you back. If its more than one thing than do them separately. Take the paper and crumble it up. Throw it far into the sea, and reflect on your previous one final time. Feel the ocean cleanse you of your trouble, until the paper comes floating back to you. Pick up the paper and start it up. The newspaper is empty, free for you to decide what goes on it, now you can proceed and be free of whatever is holding you back!

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