Home Cleansing


This is a spell that worked well for me, that I made for the purpose of cleansing the House of Negative energy.

You may need the following items for this spell:

White Paper
1 light blue pen

Casting Directions for ‘Home Cleansing’

This is best done on a Monday, on the hour of the Moon, while the New Moon is in Cancer, but this is optional and you don’t need to incorporate the start sign or planetary influences but do this charm in either the new moon or waning moon. First take your pen and the bit of paper and draw a symbols of what you think represents a cleansing/purification symbols. For me I combined the Symbol of Cancer, the moon, the Wiccan symbols of water and the Japanese Kanji Symbol of water. Clear a space, place your altar and cast your circle. Hold your Moonstone in your left hand with the Symbol resting on top and tip your right index at the paper. Visualise yourself drawing up the energy from the Earth, up your body, down your arm/finger and onto the paper. Draw over the emblem line with your finger whilst imagining you are filling the lines with Energy. Now hold the paper and stone in the hands and imagine the energy filling and cleansing the entire house. At precisely the same time say this incantation: Oh! Dear God and Goddess, Come to thee I inform. To summon both thou presences, to assist me in thy spell. From the dark of the moon of fresh, I talk out this rune. In the hope of blessing, and cleansing thy home soon. In this cleansing spell, let thy house be pure and honest. Dispel all negativity, Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Element of Water, fluid, calm and refreshing. Let your energy flow, into thy home cleansing. Why thy home cleansed, of negativity. And as thy will, So mote it be! You can even say this incantation twice for clarity. The most important part is intent; it may be helpful to envision water flowing through your house, washing away all of the negative energy

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