See Your Future Life


This spell allows you to see into your future.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Crystal Ball (Can be of glass !)
Tobacco (If you are 18 use Salvia Divinorum Extract)
2 White Candles
Clear Mineral Water
Fire (Lighter etc..)

Casting Instructions for ‘See Your Future Life’

So lets get started with this analyzed spell ! Firstly you take a Crystal Ball in front of you.Now you take your bowl and put Tobacco in it (Best 5-6 grams) and put that in front of you , but on the right side of crystal ball ! . Now gradually put Mineral Water over the tobacco in the bowl.

Turn lights OFF ,(Its the best way , if you are afraid do not do it ! :-RRB- . ) Sit in front of bowl and crystal ball , concetrate on them and clean mind totally (Wanted opened Third-Eye as I said.) Hold it there for about 2 minutes.

Now put 2 white candles (One in front of crystal ball , another from back of crystal ball ! .) Light it up.Now close eyes, imagine all you put before you in your mind.Concetrate on it and medidate for about , about 10 min. (The longer,The better! .) After that open eyes , and that mix you maked in bowl , throw slowly over the crystal ball (Dont make a mess !

Now chant these powerfull lines:Oh goddesess , Fire , Water, Air, Earth , assist me (your name)______,to see my future , I wont bad ago , I want new future, those is my wish , so make it be ! Blow out candles and leave it on some bright and happy place !

Now look at crystal ball, you will see ALOT of contours etc. and everything else.So , concetrate on it ,look how the Mineral Water fall,seem all shape from Tobacco etc.. Thus ,when you see alot , or a litle , or nothing ,it does not matter ,take all of it from the crystal ball , and put it back in the bowl .

Then fire it with a few lighter filled with energy or Aura. Or just some lighter that’s really big and good fire. When you light it ,examine the smoke ,and when its all burned , look at the shapes left.

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