Attract Someone in Your Life


This spell will help you attract people

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 pieces of paper
A Jesus candle
A lighter
A mirror
An image of Jesus Christ

Casting Directions for ‘Attract Someone On Your Life’

Have faith and believe that your spell will come true. With the light that is lighter that the Jesus candle. On one of the pieces of paper draw a human and over the human drawing include symbols to represent the sort of person you want (for example if you want your person to be happy draw a happy face). On the other piece of paper write about your drawing and the way you want this individual to help you or benefit you in your lifetime.

Tape a picture of Jesus Christ on the mirror. Face the mirror holding your two newspapers: show your drawing and examine your paper. Say the chant : send this person into my life and I wish to have a person like this in my entire life I ask you Jesus in your name which you create a person like the one I drew and wrote about . I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ amen .

Now blow your candle out and untape your papers. Clean up. Have patience and keep having faith that the spell will work .

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