The Emotion Bubble


This spell helps to relieve pent up emotions, such as anger. Or get rid of bad thoughts.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A quiet place,
Your mind,

Casting Directions for ‘The Emotion Bubble’

First you should get a quiet place away from lots of people, Preferably outside or with acsess to a window. You don’t have to be lonely, but I find it helps if you’re free from a lot of distractions.
Steady your breathing and relax.
Then imagine a small bubble hovering in front of you, (You can close your eyes if it makes it easyer) Reach out and take the bubble in your strongest hand. Don’t let the bubble go.
Ignore the bubble for some time and concentrate your mind on whatever emotion or idea you would like to lessen.
If you would like to you can build on this emotion untill you don’t think you could possibly ever feel it any more powerful than you do. This way when you launch it you can realy feel the consequences. However it could also be harder to eliminate. (e.g Remember what made you realy mad, replay that moment, think about it, build on your anger. Realy put some venom into it!)
When you have completed this, envisage all of your emotion, or your bad thoughts flowing down your arm into your bubble, see your bubble grow. Feel the emotion drain. Feel calmer put the bubble in your pocket, or somewhere safe untill you can get to a window or outside.
When you get into a window, or outside, take your bubble from where you’ve been keeping it and set it in the palm of your hand.
Take a deep breath and blow your troubles from the bubble.

The more you do this spell the easyer it is. If you get self concious about ‘playing’ with an imaginary bubble, then do it when you are alone.
Now all you’ve got to do is give it a go.

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